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Learning to See Youth Outreach offers a variety of lessons inspired by extraordinary Ventura County artists.  All lessons are adaptable to varying age and learning.  The following is a sample of how our cross-curricular lesson plans are integrated with these Focus on the Masters documented artists.

Drawing withSculpture Creatures with Character: Albert Stewart Light: Solar Prints
Artist:Horace Bristol, Life magazine photographer
Medium: Photography
Subject matter: migrant farm workers in California during the Dust Bowl
Learning to See lesson: solar prints
Cross-curricular applications: American history, literature (The Grapes of Wrath) chemistry, photojournalism
Additional lessons: portraiture, value and shading, creative writing
Visit Bristol's website for more information.

Eye on the Edges: Contour Line Drawing
Artist: Lindsay Scott, world renowned wildlife artist
Medium: painting and drawing
Subject matter: wildlife
Learning to See lesson: contour line drawing
Cross-curricular applications: wildlife biology, habitats, scientific observation, environmental conservation, humane and character education
Additional lessons: life drawing
Visit her Scott's website for more information.

Transforming Planes: 2D/3D Assemblage
Artist: Bob Privitt, sculptor/assemblage artist, retired Pepperdine University professor
Medium:Transforming Planes lesson - Bob Privitt mixed
Subject matter: symbolism, physics/balance/tension
Learning to See lesson: 2D/3D assemblage with mixed media
Cross-curricular applications: physics, geometry, narrative writing, recycling
To learn more about Bob Privitt, visit his website. 

Painting to Music with Rhythm and Color
Artist: Miguel del Aguila, Grammy-nominated, internationally renowned composer
Medium: orchestral instruments
Subject matter: Latin and World music influenced classical music
Learning to See lesson: painting to music with watercolor and pastels
Cross-curricular applications: mathematical patterns and sequencing, narrative writing
To learn more about Miguel del Aguila, visit  his website.

Sculpting Creatures with Character
Artist: Albert Stewart,
Medium: sculpture
Subject matter: animals
Learning to See lesson: clay animal sculpture
Cross-curricular applications:  symbolism, earth and biological sciences
To learn more about Albert Stewart, visit his website.

Coloring from Nature
Artist: David Leffel, master still life artist and former Art Students League professor
Medium: painting
Subject matter: still life
Learning to See lesson: still life drawing colored using leaves, flowers, dirt, charcoal, etc.
Cross-curricular applications:  science, chemistry
Additional lessons: composition, chiaroscuro/light and shadow, pigment and color
To learn more about David Leffel, watch his YouTube video.