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Jim Graca

Jim Graca

Painter, Graphic Designer

Portrait by Donna Granata - 2012             

Jim Graca

Jim Graca is an award-winning creative director/ designer/illustrator with over three decades of professional experience. He is a graduate of Art Center College of Design. His work has encompassed all aspects of advertising and graphic design including corporate identity, album covers, package design, video, animation and motion picture campaigns. Jim’s work has received numerous national and international design awards.  In 2003, Graca co-taught a cultural exchange Propaganda/Photography class in Havana, Cuba.  He was invited by the Cuban Government to create and facilitate in Havana, the first-ever Design Conference between the United States and Cuba, stressing the language of art and the human connection between two entirely difference cultures. The portrait reflects Graca’s spiritual approach to life and his work. He is holding a “singing bowl”. Once struck transforms the chi of the room and all the individuals within hearing distance.  The self portrait and poem in the background convey the artist’s essence: Shaman - Inter Self Portrait “A week on a desert island living off the ocean expands your perception of reality, experiencing the exact moment as night takes over from day, lying on the hot sand in the darkness watching meteor showers streak across the cosmic dome, deep meditations alter concept of what I am.  Eyes closed, I fall through linear layers of self images, primal memories of the identities I once was, all the way back to the initial concepts of me. I view a primitive out stretched hand connected to my arm painting marks on a rock overhang.  I am in the duality of existence, being in two places at once.  I look directly into the ancient fire lit eyes I once had as I look back through those eyes at who I am now, I meet my first self face to face.  I am connected to the outer edge of the next moment to the very beginnings of when I came into being.”
 ~ James Graca

Jim Graca's in-depth oral history and documentation took place in 2003. The FOTM Archive contains extensive information about this artist.