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A Conversation with Astrid Preston

March 17, 3:00 pm - 4:30 pm 

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Ruth Pastine
Portrait by Donna Granata
 Artists Portraits

The FOTM portrait collection contains more than 160 photographic portraits of leading artists.  These portraits become cultural ambassadors in the community representing our extensive collection of biographical research.  Visit the artist portrait gallery page for a complete list of artist portraits.

Joanne Julian
Documented 2014
Documented Artists

Through a jury of peers, FOTM selects 8-10 artists each year for formal documentation. Each artist's archive consists of extensive recorded oral histories, video taped interviews, a visual library, the collection of papers, publications, ephemera and photographs.  The artist index page is a complete listing of master artists relating to Ventura County that we have documented to date.

Matt Furmanski
Photograph by Donna Granata

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