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Guy WebsterGuy Webster

Ojai, CA 2011

Portrait by Donna Granata -                

Guy Webster

Passion drives photographer Guy Webster –  passion for photography, passion for vintage motorcycles, and passion for family and life.  (Note his wife’s portrait in background.)  His career has taken him around the world and brought him into contact with the greats in pop culture and politics.  Guy Webster is a serious artist whose work is infused with a sense of fun and joy for living.  Whether he is shooting The Beach Boys or Bill Clinton, The Rolling Stones or Igor Stravinsky, Guy is able to capture likenesses that are at once fresh and familiar, to catch an intimate connection with viewer and subject.  To accommodate his amazing motorcycle collection, he created the Guy Webster Motorcycle Museum in Ojai, CA.  His successful career is a reflection of hard work and, perhaps, a few lucky breaks.  Underneath it all is a sense of deep spirituality, based on Buddhist principles.  “Be as loving as you can be,” says Guy Webster, “Love comes back to you.”

Webster's in-depth Oral History and Documentation was in 2009. Sponsored by John Brant Wealth Advisors,John and Cherie Brant. The FOTM Archive contains extensive information about this artist. For more information, visit