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Cynthia MinetCynthia Minet

Los Angeles, CA 2011

Portrait by Donna Granata -                

Cynthia Minet

Cynthia Minet’s sculptures, often larger than life and composed of synthetic materials, immediately capture attention.  The choice of subject and materials is not accidental; it is a comment on our consumer culture.  She explores how science can morph the natural world into something wholly unnatural.  Her artworks have been exhibited both locally and internationally, including a collateral event at the Venice Biennale (2009).  Her current project Packing (Caravan), to be displayed in 2013 at Los Angeles International Airport, is a playful yet serious reflection on modern society’s love affair with plastic.  The sculptures, made from recycled and repurposed plastic items, create a vibrant energy and playfulness that disarms and makes the art accessible.  A professor of Studio Art at Moorpark College since 2000, Cynthia views teaching as a creative endeavor and enjoys nurturing future artists.

Minet's in-depth Oral History and Documentation was in 2008.Sponsored by Jo Ellen & Steve Lee. The FOTM Archive contains extensive information about this artist. For more information, visit