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A Conversation with Karen Carson
Sunday, March 25, 3 - 4:30 PM
Sponsored by Patricia Herman
AfterGlow Host: Ginny Furmanski and The Old Broads Catering Company

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 Pulse One,  
Peterson Graphics, Levity Live and Copper Blue at the Collection

Karen Carson, a major figure in the Los Angeles feminist art movement, has employed varied techniques and materials to reflect and comment on the turbulence of everyday life. She is concerned with both what can be a dangerous natural world and an equally disturbing world of politics and world events. Donna Granata’s conversation with Karen Carson will trace the development of an artist whose oeuvre takes us from abstract zippered canvases, tableaux with feminist themes, the muscular tractor series, and to her current exploration of form and color on bas relief wood.  Whether we are looking at highly decorative clocks or symbolic beds, a sense of energy, excitement and, often, humor prevails. Though the content of work has changed, her commitment to representing what we see and feel remains. To learn more about Karen, visit her website at:

In celebration of Women’s History Month, Karen Carson’s work, along with that of Merion Estes, Erika Lizee, and Carol Shaw-Sutton, will be exhibited March 2 – 31 at the Vita Art Center, Ventura. Women on the Rise is co-curated by Vita Art Center and Focus on the Masters. A FREE panel discussion with Donna Granata, Women’s Art in the Midst of Social Change, is scheduled for March 11, 1-2:30 p.m. The panel discussion will explore the roots of the Women's Art Movement dating back to the 1970’s and how it has endured today. The movement continues to transcend various social movements over the decades leading to one of the most significant and persistent art movements of our time. RSVP for panel event HERE or call 805.653.2501. Space is very limited. To RSVP for talk and AfterGlow, read below.

To Our Fellow Educators:
The Artist Spotlight is open to students attending as a class assignment free of charge.  Faculty and students are requested to make a reservation at or call 805.653.2501.
You won’t want to miss this event at our new state-of-the-art venue:  Oxnard’s Levity Live at The Collection.

RSVP HERE for talk and AFterGlow

This marvelous venue is contingent on the purchase of food and drink that cover their staff costs.  We are grateful to Levity Live for this partnership and we know your enjoyment will be increased with delicious food and refreshing drink.

Admission is $15 for general public, $10 for students and seniors, and free to Focus on the Masters Members. Guests with military ID attend free of charge. 

AfterGlow: Join us for a celebratory dinner at the Vita Art Center located in Ventura hosted by Ginny Furmanski and The Old Broads Catering Company immediately following the Artist Spotlight Interview. Paid reservations are essential and required prior to March 20. We expect this AfterGLOW to sell out.

RSVP - call 805.653.2501

Levity Live
at the
Collection in Oxnard
591 Collection Blvd, Oxnard
(adjacent to the 101 Freeway)

SUNDAY, from 3-4:30pm

The Collection at Riverpark in Oxnard is a wonderful place to spend the day. Music, art and great food can be found within steps of Levity Live. Copper Blues is right next door with live music and local sourced food and beer. Please support those business that support FOTM and our creative community. Tell them Focus on the Masters sent you!
2018 FOTM Documented Artists 
If you are interested in hosting an AfterGLOW, email

April 29 - Tim Hauf

Tim Hauf has been a professional photographer since the early 1990s. He has dedicated his life to traveling across the globe to capture exotic locations and nature's beauty. His photographs have been featured in numerous publications throughout the world, including Islands, Sunset, Asia Pacific Travel, Mini-World (Japan), Explore (Canada), Terre Sauvage (France), Dove (Italy), South Africa Times, USA Today, National Geographic, Smithsonian, and many others. His list of published books includes unique destinations such as the Himalaya of Nepal; South America's remote Patagonia; the rugged wilderness of northern Manitoba, Canada; South Africa's remarkable World Heritage Sites; Ventura County; and Channel Islands National Park.
Sponsored by: Jessica & Stanley Prescott Trust
AfterGLOW Host: Open

May 27 - Alison Saar
Sculptor, Painter, Installation Artist
Alison Saar's work explores themes of African cultural diaspora and spirituality. Her multi-ethnic upbringing, multiracial identity and her studies of Latin American, Caribbean and African art and religion have informed her work. Saar's fascination with vernacular folk art and ability to build an oasis of beauty from cast-off objects are evident in her sculptures and paintings. Her work is highly personal and powerful with a social conscience.

Sponsored by: Roxie Ray & Irv Hilf
AfterGLOW Host: Open
June 24 - Jeff Mann
Painting, Drawing, Visual Effects Specialist

Anca Colbert has described Jeff Mann's phantasmagorical drawings as "strange, shifting scenes playing mischief with the natural world. Jeff's drawings have us guessing and questioning our perception, as the eye follows lines from reality to illusion, and back. Mystery, doubt and ambiguity rule his art."  Jeff describes his 25 years at Lucasfilms Industrial Light & Magic as "some of the coolest projects artist and craftsman's dream come true." 

Sponsored by: John & Cherie Brant
AfterGLOW Host: Kevin & Christine Beirne

July 29 - Merion Estes

Merion Estes' work is known for its use of varied depictions of natural "scenes", whether a stylized landscape or underwater tableaux. She employs fabrics from Africa and elsewhere, coupled with mixed paint applications and collage techniques. The objects are ethically beautiful with sensuous color and textures yet reveal a paradox.  Merion explains, "The beauty and fragility of life and the tragedy of man's intervention is my subject." She became an active member of the Feminist Art Movement that swept art world under the pioneering work of Judy Chicago. Together with Connie Jenkins, also a FOTM documented artist, she was a founding member of the women's art group Double X.
Sponsored by: Ted & Joyce Lombard
AfterGLOW Host: Open
September 30 - Russell Crotty
Mixed Media

This artist is highly accomplished in every way, including having received a Guggenheim Fellowship in 2015, and exhibiting worldwide. Russell Crotty's vast body of work challenges the limitations and preconceptions of drawing as primary medium, pushing the genre towards minimal sculptural installation. Especially known for drawings on paper-coated suspended globes and within large-scale books, he continues to explore new ideas that investigate and expand the notion of "works on paper."

Sponsored by: Jim & Meg Easton
AfterGLOW Host: Paula Spellman

October 28 - Dane Goodman
Installation Artist, Sculptor, Draughtsman, Printmaker

Dane Goodman is not only one of the Central Coast's most accomplished artists, but has also worked tirelessly to promote and nurture the work of artists from Ventura and Santa Barbara. Working in a broad range of media, Goodman's installations, prints, and multi-media works deftly re-imagine familiar objects and ideas in ways that are as ingenious as they are surreal. Much of Goodman's work is and has been presented within the context of temporary installations, wherein objects work together to create a larger whole. For over forty-five years, Goodman's work has been the focus of exhibitions throughout the United States. Through his former position as Director of the Atkinson Gallery at Santa Barbara City College, he worked to produce outstanding exhibitions, presenting artists including the following FOTM documented artists:  Keith Puccinelli, Jenchi Wu, Colin Gray, Matt and Monica Furmanski. 

Sponsored by Debra McKillop
AfterGlow Host: Open
November 25- Erika Lizee
Installation Artist

Erika Lizee builds installations from the idea that gallery walls can serve as symbolic thresholds between life and death, between what is known and unknown. Trompe l'oeil and sculptural paintings work in conjunction with actual light and shadow to spark a sense of wonder in the viewer. The installations serve as a metaphor for the journey of our personal and shared life experiences. Erika is a Professor at Moorpark College, and Director of the Moorpark College Art Gallery.

Sponsored by Ventura County Community Foundation
AfterGlow Host: Open
 Previous Artist Interviews 2018
January 28- Carol Shaw-Sutton
Fiber Artist

Carol Shaw-Sutton has earned numerous awards, including two National Endowment of the Arts Individual Artist Fellowships. She is Professor Emeritus of Art from California State University Long Beach. Her work explores and reveals our interconnections with nature and mankind. Employing threads both allegorical and real, she weaves a story that envelops personal histories and guides us to a deeper understanding of other cultures and ourselves.

Sponsored by James and Mary Galbraith
AfterGlow Host: Kevn and Christine Beirne

February 25- David Singer, Clarinetist

David Singer, clarinetist extraordinaire, has performed at the White House and played with Yo Yo Ma at the Spoleto Festival.  He is equally comfortable at Moorpark High School, nurturing and encouraging young musicians.  The 
New York Times writes: “To describe his playing would be to enumerate a catalogue of virtues.”  Think ofaccolades such as exceptional, sensitive, expressive, technically brilliant.  He has appeared on more than 100 recordings, including two Grammy Award winners and is a sought-after judge in major competitions, including at the Juilliard School in New York. Recently he formed the Singer Chamber Players, an ensemble that includes FOTM extensively documented cellist Virginia Kron. His achievements as an educator are equally impressive. He serves on the Music Advisory Board of Young Musicians Foundation with composer John Williams and former New York Philharmonic concertmaster Glenn Dicterow. His students feel privileged to work with a true artist who does more than teach technique -- he builds confidence, motivating them to perform at the highest level. David is the first to brag that prize-winning scientists have very likely played in their high school music ensembles themselves.
To learn about David, visit

Sponsored by Paula Spellman
AfterGlow Host: Steve Newkirk and Virginia Kron