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Donna Granata Interviews Maggie Kildee

October 14: Maggie Kildee, Sculptor
Co-Sponsored by Jim & Meg Easton and a Generous Supporter
AfterGlow: Karen Hoffberg
Maggie Kildee "Grief" teracotta

If you’ve ever been accused of being an uppity woman or have known the charm of uppity women, then you’r
e going to love Maggie Kildee.  Her resume includes jobs as mother, teacher and politician;  jobs that require talent, perseverance and a sincere desire to do one’s best while working to leave the world a little better than she found it.  Maggie’s civic involvement includes 16 years as a County Supervisor, Ventura County Arts Council Board, President’s Advisory Council at CSUCI, Boys & Girls Club of Camarillo and Museum of Ventura County.  She proudly boasts that her studio is at Studio Channel Islands Art Center and that she is a Founding Member of that organization.  Maggie now devotes her time to sculpting, typically focussing on women.  Whether that woman happens to be an Amazon warrior or a nurturing mother, Maggie’s instincts lead her to create powerful, often quietly emotional works.  She comments:  “There is a great deal of satisfaction in shaping these women and their feelings. It is the tactile process, the feeling of the clay being molded in my hands that excites me."  Maggie’s journey from teacher to politician to artist is an inspirational story!
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AfterGLOW Fundraising Event: 
AfterGLOW Fundraising Event:  Join us for a celebratory al fresco supper immediately following the interview at the Ventura home of Karen Hoffberg.  Bring a jacket or a warm wrap as the evenings can be chilly.  Guests limited to 30. Maps will be given to paid guests at the interview. The AfterGLOW dinner is $20 for FOTM members, $30 for non-members. Paid reservations are required prior to October 9.  Pay for your reservation here.

The Comedy Club/Ventura Harbor Village
1559 Spinnaker Dr., Ste 225, Ventura, CA
6:00 to 7:30 p.m.
Audience members MUST arrive by 5:30

2014 Documentation and Artist Spotlight Interviews

November 11: Joanne Julian, Painter
Sponsored by Pat & David Herman
AfterGlow: FOTM Archive End of Year Open House

An artist who has studied and traveled extensively in Asia, she was described by Robert McDonald, past senior curator of the La Jolla Museum of Contemporary Art, as having “developed a reductive style," which many critics think of as “a Zen quality in her work.” Julian has mounted 20 solo exhibitions and over 60 group exhibitions nationally. Critical reviews, essays and reproductions of her works have been published in many newspapers and magazines, including The Los Angeles Times, The San Francisco Chronicle, Artweek, and the Los Angeles Herald Examiner.
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February 11: Tracy Lee Stum, Streetpainter
Sponsored by Jim & Mary Galbraith
AfterGlow: The Greek at the Harbor

Internationally recognized American chalk artist and streetpainter who specializes in spectacular, interactive 3D chalk art street paintings. A visionary and master in the chalk art world, Tracy’s 3D images continue to inspire and amaze viewers around the globe. Tracy is considered by her peers as one of the finest street painters today and currently holds a Guinness World Record for the largest streetpainting by an individual. Tracy’s work has been featured in numerous publications including ‘3D Street Art’, by Birgit Krols, Tectum Publishing, 2010.
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March 11: Frank Romero, Painter, Muralist
Sponsored by The Collection at RiverPark
AfterGlow: Roxie Ray, Christine Beirne, Yennyn Beirne
Frank RomeroAs a pioneering figure in the rise of the Chicano Art Movement, Frank Romero is best known as a muralist but now spends most of artistic energy in his studio practice.  In the early 1970s, during the height of the Chicano civil rights movement, Romero gained recognition as one the founders of Los Four, an influential Chicano art collective that included Frank Romero, Carlos Almaraz, Gilbert Lujan and Roberto de la Rocha.  In 1974, Los Four were featured in a landmark exhibition at the Los Angeles County Museum of Art.  This exhibit was a critical endorsement of Chicano Art as a unique movement in the history of American art.  Romero’s solo work has been shown extensively throughout the world and is featured in many prestigious collections including the Smithsonian American Art Museum in Washington D.C., the Los Angeles County Museum of Art, The Cheech Marin Collection and the Carnegie Museum in Oxnard to name a few.  Locally, Frank Romero’s work is on permanent display at The Collection at RiverPark, in Oxnard.  Frank Romero’s work will be on display at the Vita Art Center, 432 N. Ventura Ave. March 7 – 31, 2014, with a reception March 7 from 6-9 p.m.
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April 8: David Rivas, Photographer and Sculptor
Sponsored by Don Taylor & Tracy Long
AfterGlow: Karen Hoffberg
David RivasIt’s tempting to say that David Rivas, photographer/metal sculptor/ former boiler operator, sees beauty where others see trash. What this talented artist really does is let us, the viewers discover the often-missed magic around us. Or perhaps he is an alchemist, turning dross into gold. He does this by isolating a portion of a graffiti-covered wall or taking scraps from industrial waste piles, rearranging and shifting perspectives. Influenced by Ventura College photography instructors Steve Moulton and Bill Hendricks, David learned to break some rules, to turn away from the obvious shot, to concentrate on unexpected visions in everyday life. His sculptures are made from high grade aircraft titanium made from the flash remaining from the forging process. Both elegant and often kinetic Rivas’s sculptures range from small and intimate to monumental sight specific installations. His work is in prominent public and private collections, including the Carnegie Art Museum in Oxnard and the Museum of Ventura County. David’s work is currently on display at The Museum of Ventura County and the Red Brick Gallery in Ventura with an Artist Reception for David at the Red Brick Gallery April 12th from 5-7 p.m. To learn more about David Rivas please visit: See a short documentary about Rivas by Josh Harmon and Ryan Kholer broadcast on PBS station KCET Los Angeles.

May 13: James McCarthy, Wood Craftsman
Sponsored by Paula Spellman

Jim McCarthy Jim McCarthy creates fine furniture inspired by the California Arts and Crafts movement and Asian design. His works range from single pieces of furniture, to custom woodworking and cabinetry in historic homes, to light fixtures and musical instruments.  His distinctive style illustrates his love of wood by maximizing the color, texture and contrast of the materials.  Often collaborating with his wife, painter Christine Brennan (FOTM Alumna 2001), the two live in a home they built that serves as a constant source of inspiration.  McCarthy graduated from the University of California, Santa Barbara and received training in antique restoration at The Boston Museum of Fine Arts. Along with furniture making and design, music has always been a great passion of Jim's. Attendees will have a special opportunity to see him with noted cellist Virginia Kron (FOTM Alumna 2010) perform one of Jim’s original compositions from his 2012 CD release, "Music Cabinet".  For more information visit:

June 10: Richard Flores, Ceramist
Sponsored by Richard and Yvette Franklin
AfterGlow: Christine & Kevin Beirne

Richard Flores“Voraciously curious” ceramicist Richard Flores says, “After food and shelter, art is everything.” First introduced to clay in grade school, art forever became an integral part of his creative existence. As an adult, working with the Earth is still invigorating. He delights in the flow of energy that emanates from working with the Earth. “It ignites a spark of sprit that dances intimately with my soul.” Flores uses clay to investigate, experiment and inquire. He pushes his artistic envelope, driven to create objects that maintain the potential for practical use while standing alone on the merits of shape, form and technical expertise. Flores was educated at CSUN, Brooks Institute, Santa Barbara Art Institute, Columbia Pacific University and California Institute for Earth Art and Ceramic Architecture. Insight and inspiration emerged from working with Beatrice Wood, Otto Heino and Nader Khalili. A gifted educator and member of Ojai Studio Artists, Flores is also the three-dimensional studio arts professor at the College of the Sequoias in Visalia, California. FOTM documented artist and ceramist Richard Franklin admires Flores’ ability to bring out the best in his students, encouraging them to move beyond the academics, to find the joy of their own voices through creative exploration, and especially to realize their creative potential while still having fun doing it.
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September 9: Susan Tibbles, Assemblage Artist, Illustrator
Sponsored by John and Cherie Brant
AfterGlow: CoHosts: Mary & Jim Galbraith; Ginny & Martin Furmanski

A desk calendar.  On the left, Mon Sept 10 2001. On the right, Tues Sept 11 2001, the paper charred. It is a powerful Susan Tibblesillustration of an act that forever changed the chronology of our country into before and after 9/11. It is the work of Susan Tibbles, an assemblage artist and illustrator. FOTM Master Artist Bob Privitt describes her art: She has the unique ability to take unassuming objects, merge them with a concept and present a thought-provoking artwork that combines both symbolic and intellectual results as well as an aesthetic experience. Susan, self-taught, began her career in 1990 and has exhibited in the U.S. and in Europe.  Los Angeles Times “Opinion” art director Wesley Bausmith, impressed with her work, asked her to create an image that would illuminate the Bush/Gore Presidential race. Thus began an ongoing relationship with the L.A. Times and other leading newspapers, a relationship that perfectly combines pungent wit and visual poetry. The 3-dimensional original artworks created for the L.A. Times have been widely exhibited and form a unique record of millenial political thought. Distinguished critic Peter Frank says of her work: She is not a political cartoonist, she is a political satirist, an equal-opportunity lampooner whose jibes land on all sides of any issue. The assemblages have to stand on their own as works of art that communicate graphically, thematically, and even metaphorically.

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