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Teal Rowe

Teal Rowe

Glass Artist

Portrait by Donna Granata - 2006               

Teal Rowe

The medium of glass blowing chose Teal Rowe, a talented and, at times, provocative glass artist.  From her first experience, she knew it was something she would be doing.  Her works celebrate color, nature and life through their unique feminine sensuality and act as canvasses for the translucent colors she infuses in clear glass.  Influences from Murano, Italy have led her to the making of solid glass sculpture (as opposed to blown), that is newly challenging to this dedicated artist.  The physical demands of working with glass force her to stay in the moment.

Teal Rowe's documentation took place in 2005 and was sponsored by Jim and Meg Easton and James and Mary Galbriath. The FOTM Archive contains extensive information about this artist. To learn more about Teal Rowe please visit