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Focus on the Masters is pleased to announce the artists selected for in-depth documentation in 2017, a process that culminates with the Artist Spotlight interview series.  Criteria for being selected as FOTM Master Artists include mastery of their craft, respect from their peers and their historic role in the life of the community.  We look forward to a season of timely and provocative interviews with these outstanding artists. 

To support the production of the Artist Spotlight, we enlist the help of generous donors who wish to sponsor or co-sponsor a Spotlight.  Full sponsorship is $1,200; co-sponsorship is $600.  The sponsor’s name is included on our website and in all publicity material regarding the artist.  It should be noted that sponsorship does not fully cover our expenses. Click here to become a Spotlight Sponsor!  For additional information regarding sponsorship please call Donna Granata at 805.653.2501 or contact us by email at

Throughout the year FOTM collects information for our archive on as many artists as possible who live or work within Ventura County. Each November a panel of distinguished artists and art advocates select from a nominated list 10 artists for formal documentation. Artists selected are based on the following criteria;

• the artist’s mastery of the medium;
• the artist’s level of peer recognition; and
• the artist’s contribution to the cultural history of Ventura County.

Additional considerations include selecting a group of artists who practice a variety of media so that all creative expressions are represented. The artist’s age, health and availability can also influence the selection process.

Each artist’s documentation begins with the gathering of whatever biographical materials the artists have available. Resources can include publications, essays, published work, slides, CDs, video recordings and ephemera of all types. These materials are the basis for each of the artist’s files. Additionally, the artist is interviewed through recorded oral histories and at the Artist Spotlight Series, which is video taped in front of a live audience. The Artist Spotlight Series provides the public with an opportunity to meet the artists and experience their work first hand and allows the artist to exhibit original work, share personal experiences and give advice to the gathered audience.

Finally, each artist is photographed by FOTM Founder Donna Granata and their portrait is added to the Focus on the Masters Portrait Series and posted here on our website.

We want to hear from you! If you are a working artist within Ventura County, please send non-returnable biographical information to Focus on the Masters, 505 Poli Street, Suite 405, Ventura, CA  93001 or to Please add us to your mailing list and keep us up to date on your career.