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Where Art Begins: An afternoon with renowned
FOTM documented artist

David Gallup and painter-sculptor Nansi Bielenski
in their Santa Rosa Valley Studio.

Limited to 25 guests

All proceeds benefit FOTM Arts Education programs.
(Limited to 25 guests.)

Sunday, July 23, 2017
3:00 – 5:00 p.m.

Wine and appetizers will be served.

Address will be released to paid guests.

FOTM Members - $100 Non-members - $125
RSVP:  ONLINE or 805.653.2501

David Gallup is a plein air painter who captures the scenes of nature with shimmering energy. Using a broad color palette and multi-layered paint, he creates works that exquisitely evoke a sense of place. An avid conservationist, he is dedicated to showing the beauty in nature. David graduated from the Otis Art Institute and later worked closely with renowned Japanese artist Hiro Yamagata. In 2006 he painted scenes on five islands in the Channel Islands National Park for an exhibit celebrating the park’s 25th anniversary. He has continued to return there to paint, often with a boat load of other artists. David currently offers classes and workshops in plein air and studio painting.

Nansi Bielanski grew up enjoying the beauty of Southern California beaches and seascapes. She is an experienced scuba diver and many of her works illuminate the underwater world of the Channel Islands and other famous dive spots around the world. She is passionate about the environment and uses her art to educate and advocate for conservation. Nansi also creates collaborative works with David Gallup, as they work in turn or simultaneously on large canvases. She was named Artist in Residence at Carnegie Art Museum in Oxnard and held a solo exhibition there in 2015.

Conjoined Statement:
Some people are shocked at the idea of our oil painting collaborations.  For us, it is an incredibly natural way to work. Spending time together in the studio, painting images based on our shared SCUBA experiences shoulder to shoulder, exploring with paint and words how to best proceed and deciding together what the goals and pathways on a particular piece should be… it is simply how we choose to live.  The paintings are the result of our shared passions, shared visions, shared intellect, and shared time together.  We honestly wonder why people are surprised at this, and yet nobody seems surprised when two people join together to write a song.  In any relationship, there is Me, there is You, and there is Who We Are Together.  These paintings are done by the latter.