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Donate for an Opportunity to Win a Tesi-Sanchez Halpert Sculpture!
June 2017

Dear Arts Supporter:

So far in 2017 the Focus on the Masters community has had an opportunity to learn about the amazing portraiture of Don Bachardy, the iconic Los Angeles murals of Kent Twitchell, the installation art of Jane Mulfinger, and the new music created by Mikael Erik Jorgensen.

We’ve visited the Malibu studio of Connie and Tom Jenkins, the Carnegie for a guided tour of the Frederick Weisman exhibit and again with Joanne Julian, gaining insights into her artistic process.  Artworks inspired by the work of our documented artists and created by students in our Learning To See program have been widely exhibited.  (And we have served more than 1100 students!)

We’ve done this through the dedication and generosity of our supporters.

We believe that art is a powerful tool for understanding the world around us.  In all its myriad art forms, we see the impulse to tell stories, to explain human history, to express relationships to the natural world and, increasingly, our political landscape.

We believe you feel the same way.  Your support means we will continue to provide arts education to people of all ages, through a variety of exciting, meaningful programs.

Can you help us this summer by contributing to our annual mid-year appeal?

To encourage you to write that check or click on our website or call us on the phone, we are offering an opportunity to win a charming sculpture donated by Focus on the Masters documented artist Tesi Sanchez.  Each person who makes a gift of $75 or greater will be entered to win!  

Every gift counts.  Every donation helps us continue our mission.  We know that you have many opportunities for charitable giving to our organization and to the community at large.  Your gift to this campaign is just one way you can be an effective voice for the arts.