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Learning to See
We want to encourage you to make a gift that makes you feel really, really good.  FOTM extensively documented artist David Blackburn has generously donated a beautifully crafted box suitable for

display – and use! -- in your home or office.  This will be awarded to the person who makes the largest donation prior to July 30.  You’ve probably seen David’s award-winning work in galleries throughout Ventura County and of course when he was interviewed by Donna in 2013.  You know how you will treasure this work of art!
Program Description:
FOTM’s award-winning art program, Learning to See Youth Outreach, prepares our children for an ever changing world, with an emphasis on critical thinking, innovation and tolerance at its heart.  It is specifically designed to introduce our youth to an inspiring, productive world beyond TV, computer games, texting, gangs and drugs by using not just the artwork, but also the life stories of our own extraordinary Ventura County artists. 

The lessons are sequential, beginning with a brief PowerPoint presentation about the life and work of these artists, followed by a round table discussion. Students then apply themselves to their own art projects and gain respect for themselves and others as they realize the rewards of creativity and concentrated endeavor. Art anchors them to a greater caring for their community and to a greater tolerance of cultural diversity.  To see a sample "Menu of Lessons," click here.

Our standard 8-week in-the-classroom residency is $450 (including instructor and supplies). 

If you can't donate $450.00 or if you wish to donate more, put your amount in the box below!

Four week and single lessons are also available.  Our lessons are cross-curricular and support the California content standards.  Many of them can be tailored and grouped to work with a particular unit of study, i.e. zoology, social studies, history, language arts, sciences, etc.  They are adaptable to a wide range of grade levels from elementary through secondary grades and beyond, including community groups and programs.


Programs are supported in a variety of ways, including school and PTA funds, grants, or personal donations from an individual or group of parents/grandparents.

Our program is taught by professional artists who have extensive educational experience.  We feel that this criterion helps to guide the student with a deeper understanding of the art making process.

For more information, or to arrange a residency in your neighborhood, call 805.653.2501 or email or

Studies show that students who participate in fine art programs:

• Raise their grades
• Achieve higher S.A.T. scores
• Reduce delinquent behavior
• Develop greater self-esteem
• Engage in more community activism

LTS Artwok
Pictured at left is an example of student artwork. The exercise is a blind contour drawing and a cool/warm color study by a 8th grade student named John.

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Learning To See Youth Outreach!

For more information, to schedule a residency or make a donation, please call 805.653.2501.

Thank you for valuing Arts Education!