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From the Heart of FOTM 

December 2017

Dear Arts Supporter:

When a class of fifth graders at a local middle school creates fanciful works of art
inspired by Focus on the Masters Documented Artist Christine Morla, information for that lesson comes straight from the Focus Archive.

When a group of art lovers gathered to listen to Porfirio Gutierrez speak with Donna Granata about his devotion to ancient Oaxacan weaving traditions, the discussion began by gathering information from our Archive.

When a publishing company in London needed information about Dennis Oppenheim’s Bus Home, we went, of course, to our Archive.

When a group of adults with mental illness, moved by the life story of BJ Fan, learns to take pride in their own accomplishments, we can again look to our Archive as a starting point.

Everything we do at FOTM springs from material contained in 23 fire-resistant file cabinets, 20 more-or-less regular cabinets, stacks of flat files and a digital library of the artists’ works.

The Archive. Hours of oral history. Hundreds of video recordings. Announcement cards. Magazine and newspaper articles. Envelopes, letters, memoranda – each in an artist’s own handwriting. Even a t-shirt and a wine bottle!

This is the heart of FOTM. And it is pure gold.

You have helped us to collect and gather, to sort and file. You have helped us to
 transfer old technologies to newer technology.

And, you have marveled right along with us at the talent we’ve showcased. You’ve been touched by the effect that our Learning To See lessons have had on adults dealing with mental illness. You’ve rejoiced as school children have had their eyes and hearts and souls opened to the amazing experience of living and learning with art.

Together we have captured history and, with your support, we will continue to do so.

It is a time of year when we are reminded daily to count our blessings – and YOU are among them. As we communicate with our supporters, we are mindful that you may have already responded to our year-end fundraising efforts. If so, thank you once again! If not, please include FOTM on your gift list. We are grateful for every contribution.

On behalf of our Board of Directors, Staff and Volunteers, many thanks and our heartfelt best wishes for a joyous holiday season.


Donna Granata

Founder/Executive Director

Focus on the Masters is a non-profit art appreciation program that documents,
preserves and presents the works
and lives of accomplished contemporary artists, emphasizing the importance
of the arts to a healthy society.

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